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Backgammon Strategy for Amateur Players

Beginners and new players sometimes get an initial shock to hear or read that backgammon does include at least some sort of strategy. The first impression is that the game merely includes rolling dice and then picking a checker to move if there is any or adjust to the possibilities and just choose the best move to make your pieces get home first.

It is true that backgammon does include luck as a vital element for winning the game. But the game doesn't necessarily banks all the potential on a player's luck alone. You'll immediately notice that some players can win successively in a row and can be more successful than others do. Now that is too much to be left for chance. The truth is that backgammon leans heavily on a player's gaming skills as well.

To help beginners and amateurs with their first few games in their quest for mastery of the game of backgammon, we've listed a few goals they should include into their fledgling strategy and work other items into it and build their own power game plans as they gain experience.

The first goal in a beginner or amateur strategy is to make points on the board. The game isn't all about running your checkers, take note that part of a race is making sure your opponent has the hardest time finishing. That's where making points come in for your backgammon strategy. When you make your points they serve as a hedge for your opponent's checkers, giving you more time to take the lead. You can make use of tactical positions on the backgammon board and make points there. Make points on the bar-point, your opponent's five point, and on your own five point as well.

Another goal is to hit blots whenever it is possible. Hitting blots is a wonderful piece to add to your amateur strategy. Hitting enemy blots sends your opponent's pieces back to the very start, giving you more time to widen your lead. This also slows down your opponent since the first thing to be done is to enter checkers on the bar rather than continue moving checkers on the backgammon board.

One last worthy goal every beginner should include in his strategy arsenal is to escape back checkers. These two checkers are most often the object of all your opponent's attacks. Thus taking them away and out of enemy territory is paramount to your success in backgammon.

Incorporating these three basic goals make up a great beginner strategy. New players can use these three goals to build their own backgammon strategy as they gain further knowledge.

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