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Playing the Three-One Opening Roll in Backgammon

The opening roll is an important part of backgammon. It sets up the stage for rest of the game. Perhaps the best opening roll there is in backgammon would have to be the three-one opening roll. We'll check out the favorite and most recommended move for this opening roll and see what benefits it brings to our backgammon game.

Beginners and novices often are dumbfounded when they learn that the three-one opening roll is probably the best opening roll there is in backgammon. They often underestimate the strategic value this opening roll gives to a backgammon game in the long run.

This might be due to the fact that beginners often see backgammon as a race. They see high rolls as more advantageous than low rolls. They discount the fact that a three-one makes a point and think that since other high rolls also make points a three-one isn't much since it doesn't really help that much on the pip count.

The obvious favorite among backgammon players for the three-one opening roll would be to do an 8/5 and a 6/5 move.

Perhaps with a little more experience in backgammon, players can see the real value behind controlling the five-point in a backgammon board. Understanding the value of the five-point makes the play of choice for the three-one opening roll pretty obvious.

The first reason why the five-point is important is that it is a point in the home board. Remember that when you make a point on the home board it gives lesser options for your opponent's backgammon checkers to land on when entering from the bar.

Strategically, making your five-point on the opening roll opens the possibility of landing more checkers on your home board. If you have a spare on your five point it is on a perfect spot to either attack your opponent's blots or to make more home board points advancing your position.

When building the most effective primes (that is, if you play a priming game as a style or strategy), you can never discount the five point when talking about this backgammon strategy. The best primes that you can set up would always have the five-point on it.

Building your backgammon prime from the ten-point, or starting from nine-point, or perhaps beginning the prime at the eight-point would always involve a block at the five-point. What better way to set up a backgammon prime than to build that block during a three-one opening roll?

When you control the five point during an opening roll of three-one you hamper your opponent's defense. You're opponent can't make an anchor on that point to give you headaches during the mid-game and end game. What's more, a backgammon prime is bound to fail when your opponent has secured your five-point.

Consider the advantages of the play we presented here for the three-one opening roll. If you doubt what majority of players think, go ahead and do some experimenting on your backgammon games. See if this really works. We recommend this play for the three-one backgammon opening roll and would even dare you to put it to the test.

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