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Internet Backgammon Chatting Lingo

When we play Internet backgammon against real people as opposed to bots, chatting with your opponent is a common occurrence. Keep in mind that you're not obliged to reply to a remark, however, it's only polite to type a greeting as your match begins and an appropriate greeting for when it ends. But you can hardly take part in chatting without seeing Internet backgammon chatting lingo and acronyms thrown in the mix.

Since it can affect your game when you don't know what your opponent is saying half the time on the chat box, we're going to break down some of the backgammon chatting lingo that's common in most Internet backgammon sites. This way, you'll know what your opponent is telling you and type replies and comments just as quickly too.

As a match begins, "good luck" and "hi" are gracious greetings. But you can also substitute the acronym "GL" since that's short for good luck. And as the game is going on, some comments pop up when circumstances permit them. These include dice throw comments such as "NR" for nice roll or "VNR" for very nice roll. Other common backgammon chatting lingo also includes "OIC" for "oh I see" and "NP" for no problem.

Now, if you're leaving the computer for a moment but don't want your opponent to think that you've dropped the match, just say so or type "BRB" which stands for "be right back". And if your opponent had just said something really funny, you can let them know that it made you laugh by typing "LOL" for laughing out loud.

As a match ends, it's only polite to say "GG" to the loser when it's been a good game since that is what it stands for. Also, another way of congratulating the winner is by typing "WTG" that is short for way to go. And don't forget to say "TY", which is short for "thank you" when you either win or lose because you can never go wrong when you express appreciation for a match.

Internet backgammon chatting lingo comprise of acronyms that stand for comments and remarks which players exchange during a match. Common shortcuts are "GL" for good luck, "NR" for nice roll, "VNR" for very nice roll, "OIC" for "oh I see", "NP" for no problem, "BRB" for "be right back", "LOL" for laughing out loud, "GG" for good game, "WTG" for way to go, and "TY" for "thank you". Now that you know what these acronyms mean, don't forget to incorporate them accordingly next time you chat during a game online.

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