On Line Backgammon

On line backgammon has come to bring a new boost to this strategy board game, played for thousands of years by ancient Asian civilizations. Now, you can play this game from home or anywhere, for that matter, just as long as you have access to an online computer. You can also download the free on line backgammon software and play offline.

On line backgammon features real-time dice throws on a friendly and virtual environment. You can chat to fellow players and share your thoughts and tips on online backgammon games and even leave your messages at the forums.

To learn how to play on line backgammon games or to freshen up on your knowledge of backgammon rules, we advise you to check the resources from these webpages. Here, you'll learn the basics and strategies to play backgammon in any Internet website.

For a better optimization of your on line backgammon games, we recommend a selection of backgammon sites offering free treats like bonuses and credits to allow you to start betting right after you register.

Simple Rules for Playing Backgammon To Win
09/22/2010, Wednesday

The rules for playing backgammon are simple and easy to understand. Knowing these rules for playing backgammon is a must for any backgammon player to win in this strategy board game.

Backgammon Throughout the Ages
09/21/2010, Tuesday

Backgammon is the oldest board game ever played as it dates back to about 5000 years ago. Today this game can be played everywhere and anywhere thru the online gaming at the internet.

Internet Backgammon Chatting Lingo
03/02/2008, Sunday

When you play Internet backgammon against real people rather than bots and see the chat box pop up with 'NR' or 'BRB', then you've been hit with backgammon chat slang. Rather than typing a reply that's totally unrelated to the comment, it's important to know common chat acronyms. See some Internet backgammon chatting lingo and what they mean so you can reply right back without wavering.

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