On Line Backgammon

How Quality Practice Makes Champions

Everybody who's ever interested in backgammon want to become good players. Some even want to become one of the world's best. We read a lot of books on backgammon; we play the game online, and even participate in local tournaments. Here are some nuggets we can take to improve our game while we're beginners.

One good advice all of us beginners can take is to practice and play the game often. There is just no substitute for it. The cliche goes "practice makes perfect", in backgammon we can say that practice makes novices future champions. Expert advice tells us to practice everyday.

It doesn't necessarily mean that we devote huge chunks of our time to backgammon. It may just be a game or two. But is that enough practice even though we play it everyday? Sure, it is. Let's hear another cliche: "perfect practice makes perfect but practice alone makes permanent". It isn't enough that we practice or play a lot.

The part about practice that helps us really improve is making quality games. Quality should be our priority over quantity. We play backgammon everyday, but even if it's just one game a day as long as it is a quality piece of practice it'll benefit us more.

Ever had times that we played a game and we weren't really in the game? There'll be times when half of our attention is on something else or another thing is occupying our mind while in a game. A quality game is one when a player is concentrating on the game. We build our attention spans and level of concentration as we work in quality practice.

We want our practice times as routinely as possible. This is really important for novice players who are really into the game. Making practice sessions a daily routine is important not only for backgammon but in all other matters that require a certain degree of mastery.

When practice becomes a routine we get to train our minds to make decisions a lot quicker more frequently. We will always have empty time slots in our schedule. It is always a good idea to have a quick game of backgammon during these idle times. It's important that we get a chance to focus on the game even for short times in a day so as not to lose our touch.

Nothing makes practice more effective than to take note of the tough spots you went through and make them case studies. It maybe important to write them down on a piece of paper for future reference and analysis.

Practice is a cliche that works pretty well for novices in backgammon. Perfect quality practice and learning from the tough times on the other hand makes novices future champions.

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