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Backgammon Beginner Identified; How to Improve Your Game

Backgammon is played in many countries around the world and especially favored by the Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Iraq and even Egypt. There might be many people who do not know how to play this game, but do not worry because it is really easy to learn. A Backgammon beginner will easily pick up the basics that we will be explaining to you now.

As a Backgammon beginner, you should first learn the essential equipment. The game itself consists of a Backgammon board, two dices, thirty checkers out of which fifteen are black and fifteen are white or any other color such as red, cups for the dices, and of course the players itself. The Backgammon board has so called points which are elongated triangle looking shapes that mark a point or place where you can place your checker.

A Backgammon beginner should also learn the initial rules and regulations of the game. In the game of Backgammon, the main goal is to remove all your checkers from the board because the first one with no checkers on the board wins the game. To reach this goal, you have to bring all your checkers to your base which is the last quarter of the board where your five checkers are located. Once you have collected all your checkers in your base, you can start taking them out one by one through the exact dice count. You can also kick other checkers out as long as they are on a point alone with no other checker that protects them.

A Backgammon beginner should also know how to use the dice. The moves are made with the value of one dice or the sum of the value of two dices. You are not allowed to take the sum and execute the move however you like because you still have to move the individual values from dice one and dice two. If you happen to roll an equal value such as number five and number five, then you can execute this move four times, which means that you can move your checkers four times with that value. These doubles are especially useful for the beginning so that you can get as many checkers out of your opponent's base.

Another important reminder for a Backgammon beginner is that you should observe your opponent and remember the moves that the opponent made, because it is very easy to cheat in this game for as long as you are quick. You will be able to learn the tougher strategies quick because a Backgammon beginner can easily advance to an intermediate, which shows the simplicity if the game.

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